Psalm 119:6 – I Won't Be Ashamed

Psalm 119:6 - Then I shall not be ashamed when I look upon all Your commandments. (NASB)

The above verse continues the thoughts begun in Psalm 119:5, in which the speaker longs for the day when his life is firmly established in, and directed by, God's commands.

Break it down: Let’s look at the key Hebrew words in the passage and their meanings.

az - then, at that time
lo - no, not
bosh - to be ashamed
nabat - to look
el - against, to, into, towards
kol - the whole, all
mitsvah - commandment, commandments

Expand and Dig: Let’s use these meanings to expand the passage and dig deeper.

When that happens, I won't be ashamed to lean on, to look toward, and look into, all of Your commandments.


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